What to do With the Unelectable Aspects of the Leftist Agenda Today?


Lets assume that most of the ideas and narratives of the political left are somewhat favorable and popular in a certain country; yet, there are does ideas or ideological elements associated with the left that are extremely unfavorable, rendering progressive candidates unelectable. I believe this discrepancy in the left's appeal is common in the West today: Think of the gap between the well-resonating economic outlook of Bernie Sanders compared to the resentments toward liberals' pro-immigration and refugees attitude – which too many people relate to increased terror and crime or to the deterioration of national identity. The latter are considered sever threats to a majority or so of the population in a lot of Western countries. If so, what options does the political left has when facing circumstances and public opinion tendencies like that?
1. To trim off the unfavorable ideas from its agenda; hence betraying its integrity and moral ground.
2. To keep its agenda intact and insuring its place in the opposition, while the political right is gaining power and promoting dangerous trends and policies.
3. To try to pass as populist, ultra-nationalistic and hawkish as the right wing in terms of rhetoric and branding, while changing nothing fundamental in the agenda – which might lead to both not being convincing or increasing electability and damaging the moral character of the so-called political left.
These 3 options are quit gloomy and depressing. But there is also a fourth option:
4. Keeping the left's agenda as is, but with public obligation that those unfavorable ideas or policies will be subjected to referendum – i.e. will be specifically re-confirmed by the people before their implication or realization.
This is, I believe, the optimal deal for the left today, since its stances regarding immigration and multiculturalism or regarding policy toward asylum seekers and refugees are unelectable in the era of ISIS and terror attacks which leads to Islamophobia – i.e. to gross generalizations bordering on racism. Yet, these leftist stances are of moral importance; but such issues can be the focus of specific campaign to try to win the hearts and minds of the people before a referendum. Rather, these unfavorable ideological elements can be part of an all-encompassing leftist agenda that takes the ship down with it, and facilitates the rise of the right or even the radical right.

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